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I thought it might be fun to share some links in a post today. Here are some fun links to click through, to help you get through the week. I hope you enjoy them!

Have you tried Mike’s Hot Honey yet? We were introduced to the chile-infused honey by a client of mine, and we love it!

I’m loving Farm Rio’s pajama sets, and this dress.

This recipe for chocolate baked donuts looks amazing.

Before you start watching ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’, here’s what you need to know.

What’s your favorite hand soap? The best of the best are listed here!

I’m really looking forward to the ‘Shadow and Bone’ Netflix series! I need to finish reading the books!

How do you feel about this list of words “you should never use to describe yourself”?

Here are three things on my wish list for warmer weather: one, two, three.

I’ve been living in these joggers.

People Who Are Friends With Influencers …

Finally, 90s Kids Be Like. I laughed out loud when he hit the Discman! Pokémon cards were after my time, though.

Be well, friends!

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