Client Spotlight: MantraBand Featured in Shape Magazine

client spotlight, MantraBand, Shape Magazine, July/August 2020

Sometimes I can’t believe that I get to partner with such amazing brands! When I started my still-new career as a freelance creative copywriter, I didn’t set out to work with any particular type of client. I work hard to to show who I am as a content creator and this strategy paid off when I caught the attention of MantraBand on Instagram!

Aysel Gunar, the founder of MantraBand actually reached out to me directly on Instagram! She asked a little about me then asked to speak on the phone. She wanted to bring a fresh focus to her marketing on social media. That’s how my work with MantraBand began.

One day Aysel asked me to start content creation for other areas of the brand. I was so excited! Unfortunately, many of my copy blocks were never used. I remember feeling sad and a little embarrassed because I shared with several friends and family members how and where my work would be going out with products.

A little while later, I received a gift in the mail from the MantraBand marketing and social media team. Much to my surprise, there was my work, on stickers, cards, and packaging. I was beyond excited!

It was such an awesome experience to see my work and hold it in my hands. It really goes to show you that if you stay positive, make kindness a core part of your business, and work hard, everything will work out.

I wanted to celebrate another milestone in my business and career as a creative copywriter, a recent MantraBand feature in Shape Magazine. It is such a moment of pride for me!

The best part of my experience with MantraBand is that it led to more work with the company.

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