3 Ways Blogging Helps Your Business

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Many creative business owners have confessed to me that they “suck at blogging”. Or even that they hate it. They think it’s dying or dead, it’s at the bottom of their list of business priorities, and if they do it at all, it’s not in a timely manner. (It’s March 2019 and I see a lot of post captions along the lines of, “I’m finally blogging 2018 sessions!”)

As I mentioned before, my blogging journey began in 2010. I can definitely say I began blogging before it was “cool”. My old blog is archived so no, you won’t be able to find it, haha! With this blog, I provide valuable information to my clients and other entrepreneurs, and share a bit of my life and my family’s love of Disney.

Here are 3 reasons blogging should be important to you:


This blog is my opportunity to share my story and what I’m about. My clients look forward to these blog posts, and they’re excited that my blog allows them to share “me” when they refer others to me. A blog is such a fun way to share your work with your clients, their clients, family and friends, and – of course – potential clients! If you can coax someone away from Facebook or Instagram, you are very much in control of their experience as it relates to you.

Blogging is an awesome way to share your life and services. It isn’t for everyone (which is why it’s a major part of my livelihood!) but it’s an amazing business tool!


Display your work with purposeful copy and it becomes more powerful. You’re providing an opportunity for the reader to connect with you. Because you curate the imagery on your blog, it can always be on point. Clients and potential clients will feel even more tied to you when they see that you took the time to tell their story.

3. SEO

Aka, search engine optimization. I know that term can be frightening and pressuring, and does it even matter?! Yes. Yes, it does. SEO is yet another business task that gets pushed aside and it can be tricky to understand, but let me break down one important piece of it for you: blogging relevant content consistently builds Google’s “trust” in you, and your search engine ranking will continually improve! You make decisions about keywords and copy you want to put to work for you, so potential clients can find YOU. Blogging is maybe the simplest SEO tool at your disposal.

Feel free to email me, to learn more about blogging! See you soon, sweet readers.

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