5 Ways to Prioritize Wellness as a Small Business Owner

5 Ways to Prioritize Wellness as a Small Business Owner; www.copybykatie.co; work

I’m really excited to share a few ways I keep self-care at the forefront of my work, making it a priority in my life. My cup isn’t always full! But I want to make sure I can pour into my business and my family without completely draining myself!

Here are 5 ways I make self-care happen:

Enjoy Hobbies

Outside of work, what do you like to do? Rollerblading (it’s back), CrossFit, crocheting, Bible study … whatever your hobbies are, it’s important for you to step away from work and do something that excites you. Can’t remember what it was like to have a hobby? Sign up for a local class that sounds fun, find a topic to educate yourself about, play with your kids more, explore where you live, or give your time to serving others. I’m going to say it again – it’s important for you to step away from work. What do I like to do? Walk through our neighborhood with a friend, read (currently: Dragonfly in Amber), decorate our home, garden, and does making and eating tacos count?

Get Enough Sleep

Yep, I mean it. On average, how many hours of sleep do you get each night? Is sleep a priority? Are you sleeping in ideal conditions? If you have a TV in your room, take it out. Set a ‘screen time curfew’ for yourself of at least an hour before you plan to go to bed. Diffuse essential oils. Take a magnesium supplement. Read (not on a backlit screen) before you go to sleep. Try to create a routine of going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day (yes, even on weekends … it’s science). When you sleep well, you get sick less, you avoid burnout, you’re more productive, your memory is better, and you feel and stay more creative!

Talk to Friends

As an introvert’s introvert, I’m perfectly comfortable in my house thank-you-very-much, but whenever I have game nights with “The Girls” or walks with a friend, I feel a sense of renewal. From venting on the phone with a fellow small business owner to just having a friend over for coffee, it’s important to have community so you don’t feel alone.

While I know Tim actually does enjoy talking to me about work or the movies slated to be released in theaters from now until next spring, or whatever I feel like talking about, there’s something to be said for the people outside my home, too! So, even if you’re an Alice in Wonderland sweatpants-wearing homebody like me, get in some conversation with someone other than your spouse each day.

Set Boundaries

Rest isn’t sleep but it’s important, too. Are you taking time to rest? Do you set and actively communicate office hours? Are you giving yourself time off? Do your clients have your personal number? Are you giving yourself time away?

Create a Joyful Environment

Where you work can make a big difference when it comes to productivity. I get more done when my space is clean and free of distractions. It’s easier to focus. Also, fresh air is so important to my day. Do you get outside during your work day?

A lot of times we have a tendency to sit down and let the day fly by. We’re exhausted by the end of the day, but all we did was sit, right? Get out and get some fresh air! Even if it’s just for a 5-minute walk around the block or down the driveway to the mailbox … It will make you feel better!

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